Client Testimonies

Rising by Lynn Lockett

Here’s what a few of Dovetail Acupuncture’s clients have to say:

“I will admit that I was not a believer when I first tried acupuncture. After the tendinitis in my wrist went away, I started coming around to what acupuncture could do for me. I’m now a seasonal client and can truly feel the difference after Leslie’s acupuncture treatments in how it helps me balance and take care of the stress in my life.” Marie J.



“Leslie has been an important part of my treatment team in dealing with depression.  She is a very skilled technician as well as a warm, kind, generous person.  I believe that she is as vested in my wellness as much as I am which is an amazing and rare thing in a treatment professional.” K.M.


“I’ve been receiving acupuncture treatments with Leslie for several years. Leslie is a generous and knowledgeable practitioner who always partners with you to help you meet your wellness goals. I am emotionally, spiritually and physically a better woman due to Leslie’s initiative, treatments, guidance and support.”  ~Tara W.


“When I started acupuncture with Dovetail, I wanted Leslie to help me “fight” my illness and its symptoms. Through the past six years, she has helped me to realize that my illness is a part of me, and I need to work with my illness, not fight it! As a result, I am healthier than I have been in over a decade. Leslie is one of the most attentive, kind and compassionate people I have met, and that is reflected in the quality of care she provides.” ~ LP


“I never had acupuncture before, but my first experience with Dovetail was completely relaxing. My plan is to return for additional treatments.” ~ Beau B.


“When I started acupuncture with Ms. Leslie, the first thing she told me was, “It’s your body, you decide what we do to it. If you’re okay with doing something, we do it. If not, we don’t.” It’s all about your comfort level. One of the main things I’ve noticed about receiving acupuncture is that I go into treatment feeling heavy, like there’s a brick inside of me, and I come out of treatment feeling lighter, like a feather.” ~ JMG, age 12.


“Finding 5 Element Acupuncture changed my understanding of body-mind-spiritual health.  Finding Leslie and Dovetail gave me access to the real benefits of acupuncture and her practice has become a central part of my personal well-being.” ~ JM


“Leslie treats the whole person, not just symptoms. She’s a terrific listener and offers gentle suggestions to help me improve my overall wellness. When I began seeing her two years ago, I was mentally and physically depleted. Together, we have worked to build up my body, mind and spirit. She’s quite simply terrific.” ~ DR

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